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Eximiousnovel Let Me Game in Peace – Chapter 924 – Theft country cats propose-p3
Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 924 – Theft clumsy empty
On the day of departure, Zhou Wen had taken Ya’er over before going to Chess Hill on their own.
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On the day of departure, Zhou Wen had taken Ya’er over before heading to Chess Hill all alone.
Simply because it was too risky, he definitely couldn’t take Ya’er with him. In the end, her body wasn’t formidable. Even when her human body could stay up with her mental sturdiness, she was just in the Mythical point. The Mythical step was just a bottom feeder within the measurement. It was subsequently too damaging.
Regarding the material door was really a large hallway. There are four statues consecrated within the hallway. These four sculptures checked distinctive from common sculptures. These folks were similar to generals within the man world and not immortals in paradise. Not only were they wearing armour, however their encounters were definitely extremely ferocious.
The bloom twisted the bloom bud towards Zhou Wen and said, “It’s very difficult for mankind to cross the dimensional hurdle to arrive at the aspect. Hence, you will need a large amount of preparation work.”
Zhou Wen taken into consideration his trip to another dimension to swipe anything.
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Zhou Wen discussed his visit to the sizing to Ya’er and received her to remain at Ouyang Lan’s spot for several days. He would select her up when he went back.
Zhou Wen thought about it but couldn’t figure it.
Even Though The Thearch mentioned that she possessed already organized all the things, which there would certainly be no threat so long as he put into practice her strategy, Zhou Wen didn’t believe in overall basic safety, so he was required to make preparations.
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Zhou Wen explained his journey to the dimension to Ya’er and got her to keep at Ouyang Lan’s location for several days. He would choose her up as he came back.
He came ahead of Chess Mountain’s mountain peak wall surface again and observed the rose in it. Zhou Wen reported, “The Thearch, I’m here for the scheduled visit. Now, you could let me know a few things i need to do, right?”
With that in mind, The Thearch exposed the mountain / hill walls and enabled Zhou Wen to go in Chess Mountain.
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Once The Thearch discussed the plan to Zhou Wen, he proved how the Thearch wasn’t Nine-Tailed Fox. That was because to enter the aspect, he needed to use the bronze tripod that chained the Nine-Tailed Fox.
There are only a few days left behind prior to when the visit together with the Thearch. I need to put together.
Therefore the pa.s.sageway to Deer Terrace Pavilion is here now. Only then do Zhou Wen are aware of the real strategy to go into the lower level of Deer Terrace Pavilion. Formerly, he possessed relied on the planet Elemental Monster to get in.
There are only a couple of days kept prior to the consultation using the Thearch. I need to prepare.
Zhou Wen still recalled The Thearch’s ideas because he investigated the 3rd statue.
Zhou Wen known as Ouyang Lan upfront and she happily agreed. She even urged Zhou Wen to consider Ya’er over as quickly as possible.
In a quick though, the small beast accomplished one bottle right after an additional. Just after it completed the final bottle, it was subsequently extremely drunk. It curled up from the bottle and decreased asleep.
Seeing that the time was ripe, Zhou Wen tiptoed to the gemstone entrance and slowly pressed it available. He searched back at the little monster and spotted that this was still getting to sleep soundly during the wine beverages bottle. Zhou Wen quickly walked in.
The pearl decreased by itself. Zhou Wen hurriedly grabbed it and quickly left the doorway. He glanced within the getting to sleep white colored monster and quickly still left.
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The pearl decreased on its own. Zhou Wen hurriedly found it and quickly still left the entrance. He glanced on the getting to sleep whitened beast and quickly eventually left.
What is her background? One of the individuals relevant to Deer Terrace Pavilion, apart from the 3 demons, how many other ladies exist?
Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of alleviation as being the Thearch’s voice sounded on his brain. “Well performed. Now, use the pearl to the bronze tripod cauldron and give it to your Nine-Tailed Fox. It won’t prevent you from using the bronze tripod. Remember, when you finally go into the sizing, you merely have 36 many hours. When the time is up, the bronze tripod’s pa.s.sageway will automatically shut down. When that happens, the likelihood of success can be really trim. You have to rob the bell in 36 time.”
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Zhou Wen still recollected The Thearch’s words as he investigated your third sculpture.
The statue appeared ferocious like a typical from your demonic realm. He presented an unusual umbrella on his hand. There were clearly quite a few pearls baked into the umbrella, additionally, on it were the text “Cosmic Bag.”
Shortly, Zhou Wen observed a tiny, bright monster crawl outside the split from the home. It was actually a ferret-like creature. It searched around intelligently and uncovered the started wine jar on the ground. Its eye immediately lit up as it rushed towards it.
“Isn’t it really easy to attain there from the cube?” Zhou Wen required.

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