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Chapter 3304 – The Day of the Battle print kneel
“I know… However, I’m concered about my Soul Pearl. They been able to recognize your Soul Pearl as a result of Wen Wan’er. They didn’t recognize my Heart and soul Pearl, but who is able to make sure they will not find out it’s my Spirit Pearl later on?”
“What’s the challenge?” Lei Ying required in dilemma when she saw her son’s strange behaviour.
Ahead of the principal superstars of the struggle came, there were already an enormous excitement of routines close to and then in the Prodigy Market.
“If I have got to wait, it’d more likely be enough time for living-or-death fight with Duan Ling Tian. If that is the way it is, what is the purpose of us hiring an” Han Yun said in a heavy voice.
Han Yun Jin found each time he prepared to go away the Heavenly Area Palace, Xu Lang’s disciples can be nearby, trying to keep an eye on him. Above and beyond Wen Wan’er and Xu Lang’s initial disciple, it appeared like all Xu Lang’s prodigious disciples, which includes Duan Ling Tian, had been using changes maintaining an eye on him. With this particular, he the natural way did not dare to exit. Eventually, he could only quit. After all, right now, lifespan-or-death battle was a bit of much more than 2 months away.
Lei Ying nodded. “He wouldn’t have survived if your other two t.i.tled Celestial Emperors weren’t around. Though they believe Han Yun Jin and so are highly specified their suspicion is proper, they already have not enough data to establish it. Having said that, Xu Lang has claimed that he’ll carry on researching the matter. I didn’t count on Han Yun Jin to shortage a lot self-confidence on the scope of selecting a person to Duan Ling Tian.”
“I acknowledge. I’m betting on him at the same time!”
“Duan Ling Tian is really an up-and-arriving celebrity in the Heavenly Palace. Though he’s not even 300 years old, he’s already incredibly effective!”
A huge masses experienced already produced on the Prodigy Arena very early in the morning. Many of them ended up disciples of your Incredible Pool area Palace who possessed are available earlier to secure themselves a great seat.
“I know… On the other hand, I’m thinking about my Soul Pearl. They was able to detect your Soul Pearl on account of Wen Wan’er. They didn’t recognise my Spirit Pearl, but who will make sure they will not learn it is my Heart and soul Pearl in the future?”
Lei Jun failed to even wait around for a result from his mom and remaining as soon as he completed talking. As well, he hurriedly directed a Speech Transmitting to Han Yun Jin. “Han Yun Jin, Dugu Wen and Dugu Wu actually do connect with Duan Ling Tian. We were wrong as he considered he died prior to he could even execute his mission.”

“Soul Pearls?” Lei Jun’s view widened imperceptibly. He recognized among the list of three Heart and soul Pearls was his. In the past, he got supplied Dugu Wen his Soul Pearl. Han Yun Jin acquired also given his Soul Pearl to Dugu Wen just in case he needed to contact Dugu Wen.
Lei Jun explained, “Mother, the culprit might not exactly be Han Yun Jin. This is their speculation, in fact.”
“That’s correct. He probably resorted to the because he’s not self-assured he’d win,” Xu Lang claimed.
“That’s not necessarily a fact. I had been there as he questioned Han Yun Jin. He could have only done it to frighten Han Yun Jin and didn’t be expecting Han Yun Jin to just accept the battle. In the long run, he was eventually left without having option but to continue up with what he had started…”
“It is because…” Lei Jun recounted almost everything he listened to from his mum to Han Yun Jin.
“If I had to hold back, it’d probably be some time for living-or-passing away combat with Duan Ling Tian. If that’s the fact, what is the purpose of us choosing an” Han Yun said within a heavy tone of voice.
Han Yun Jin was surprised as he observed Lei Jun’s Voice Transmitting. “What occured? If Dugu Wen found Duan Ling Tian, how have he crash the mission and pass away?”
Lei Jun experienced not experienced a fantastic feeling recently while he had discovered Dugu Wen’s shattered Spirit Pearl not too long ago.
Right after paying attention to Lei Jun, Han Yun Jin decreased noiseless for an extended time. In the end, he explained, “Even when they know I’m the culprit due to my Spirit Pearl in Dugu Wen’s Spatial Ring, it is not sufficient to show nearly anything.”
“So what? Regardless of whether they recognize your Spirit Pearl, it is deficiency of to verify that you’re the culprit,” Han Yun Jin reported nonchalantly, evidently unafraid.
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Han Yun Jin learned that each time he designed to go out of the Incredible Pool area Palace, Xu Lang’s disciples could be in close proximity, maintaining an eye on him. Apart from Wen Wan’er and Xu Lang’s first disciple, it appeared like all Xu Lang’s prodigious disciples, which include Duan Ling Tian, ended up taking changes maintaining a watchful eye on him. With this particular, he the natural way failed to dare to have. All things considered, he could only sacrifice. In fact, right now, the life span-or-passing away combat was a bit of greater than 2 months apart.
Han Yun Jin was frightened by Lei Jun’s ideas. From a minute, he explained with a sour concept, “If that’s the way it is, we shouldn’t ask for a repayment. However, we still are looking for out if he’s still likely to follow the mission…”
However Han Yun Jin acquired given up on reaching Dugu Wu, Xu Lang with his fantastic prodigious disciples failed to prevent retaining track of him. Over the past sixty days until the battle, it was only Hu Mei, Ouyang Qi Fei, and Hong Fei were actually the one types eventually left always keeping a watchful eye on him, leaving behind Duan Ling Tian to cultivate. Though they have been self-assured about Duan Ling Tians’s strength and was aware he obtained extraordinary methods to defeat his foes, Duan Ling Tian could hardly reveal the Ning Dragons over the fight, of course. Thus, they wished for him to continue cultivating his G.o.dly Appearance Sensation to improve his energy so that he could deal with Han Yun Jin in optimum point issue.
Lei Jun failed to even wait for a reaction from his new mother and left behind the instant he completed talking. As well, he hurriedly sent a Tone of voice Transmission to Han Yun Jin. “Han Yun Jin, Dugu Wen and Dugu Wu actually did satisfy Duan Ling Tian. We had been completely wrong when he believed he passed away well before he can even execute his quest.”
Finally, the afternoon of Duan Ling Tian and Han Yun Jin’s everyday life-or-death combat arrived.

Xu Lang responded, “Do you think I’d show you this if I’m uncertain? We’ve well-known the other for such a long time now you must know what kind of human being I am.”
“Coincidentally, Zheng Yu Yi, the Copper Mountain Celestial Emperor, got taken his disciple to your t.i.tle Temple too. Therefore, Xu Lang asked for Zheng Yu Yi’s help…” Lei Ying reported, “Apart from that, Xu Lang declared that another t.i.tled Celestial Emperor who escorted his granddaughter into the t.i.tle Temple possessed aided likewise caused by his enmity with Dugu Wu and Dugu Wen. Reportedly, Xu Lang and Zheng Yu Yi weren’t a suit for Dugu Wen and Dugu Wu. On the other hand, when that highly effective t.i.tled Celestial Emperor linked them, the degree tipped with their favour. Although they had been able kill Dugu Wen, Dugu Wu was able to avoid.”
“Nothing.” Lei Jun shook his head just after he inhaled profoundly. Then, he stated, “Mother, I really try to remember We have a little something to attend to. I’ll have my abandon first…”

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