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Chapter 3397 – A Furious Duan Ru Feng suggestion bored
“Elder Li Rou, you can actually only do so significantly,” Fang Ji said nonchalantly, “As we chat, there is numerous bodies on the Sophisticated Sect disciples simply being taken straight back to our sect. Elder Li Rou, our Sect Head possessed claimed that when you dare to do suicide, he’ll slice and flay 100 Stylish Sect disciples alive…”
“Elder Li Rou.”
As expected, the young girl’s concept eased a lot just after paying attention to Li Rou’s thoughts. On the other hand, following a occasion, she required anxiously, “What in regards to you, junior aunt? And my senior citizen sisters, what is going to occur to them?”
Duan Ru Feng obtained received a reply from Li Rou immediately after every one of them came inside the Purple Revelation Paradise.
The burglar, a taller and muscular bearded mankind, said with flas.h.i.+ng view, “Elder Li Rou, you’re no match to me. It’s unfortunate our Sect Head is partial to you. Otherwise, I would’ve applied you for myself… Nevertheless, your disciples are good as well…”
Naturally, the Smudge Crow Sect was only a 6th-grade sect having a Celestial Lord. With Li Rou’s natural skills, she could easily enroll in a tougher sect if she was prepared. It was actually not impossible on her behalf to join a first-level sect since she experienced be a Celestial Emperor at a relatively early age.
“It’s the Smudge Crow Sect’s Next Elder, Fang Ji!”
Li Rou was trembling with rage. She was aggravated by her not enough capability to do anything whatsoever. She could only view helplessly being the disciples in the Elegant Sect collapsed to the floor.
“Ninth Elder, what should perform since we’ve been identified?”
Li Rou inhaled deeply just before she smiled and mentioned rea.s.suringly, “Don’t be concerned, they may not know our particular site. You never know if they’re just looking to entice us by helping cover their their words and phrases. We can’t make the cave now. Once they really find us, they would go to the cave. Whenever we leave behind recklessly now, we may fall into their trap…”
Chapter 3397: A Furious Duan Ru Feng
At the same time, the a wide selection of disciples from the Tasteful Sect started to freak out. They considered Li Rou who had been their only desire currently.
Li Rou inhaled deeply prior to she smiled and reported rea.s.suringly, “Don’t fear, they may not know our accurate spot. That knows if they are just seeking to entice us out with their words and phrases. We can’t keep the cave now. As long as they really find us, they will reach the cave. If we leave behind recklessly now, we might get into their trap…”
‘Worse goes to most extreme, I’ll just disfigure my confront. I don’t are convinced the Sect Chief of the Smudge Crow Sect will be interested in another person ugly…’ Li Rou shown to herself. As well, she regretted not being attentive to her become an expert in and linked a stronger sect. If she got listened to her expert, she could help the Sophisticated Sect. In fact, the Smudge Crow Sect would not dare to mess while using Exquisite Sect as long as they acquired the backing of the more powerful sect.
Duan Ling Tian’s manifestation improved instantly. “What happened?”
Chapter 3397: A Mad Duan Ru Feng
Naturally, the Smudge Crow Sect was just a 6th-level sect using a Celestial Lord. With Li Rou’s inborn skills, she could easily join a stronger sect if she was ready. It was not extremely hard on her to take part in the first-quality sect since she obtained develop into a Celestial Ruler in a relatively early age.
As though he could read through Li Rou’s opinions, Fang Ji continuing to say, “Being minimize and flayed alive… Can you think about how excruciatingly distressing it would be? Just thinking about it makes me shudder…”
Because of this, one of several disciples claimed with a teeth, “It feels like we are risk-free now.”
The disciples were in significant spirits now after narrowly escaping development by their opponents. The fact is, the majority of them had yet to approach the problem these were in. Calamity experienced descended so suddenly over the Elegant Sect. The people in the sect possessed fled in various guidelines in the chaos every single large-search engine ranking officers in the sect taken with them as numerous disciples because they could to emerge from the tragedy.
Currently, a high in volume and contemptuous tone of voice rang from outside the cave.
“Fang Ji happens to be an Eight Trigrams Celestial California king Elder Li Rou is not any suit for him… It is possible for him to remove each of us!”
At the same time, the faces of your disciples in the Classy Sect who are planning to do suicide too paled right away after they read Fang Ji’s words and phrases. What was the aim of doing suicide once the Smudge Crow Sect clearly failed to intend to let them go even in death?
Li Rou inhaled deeply well before she smiled and explained rea.s.suringly, “Don’t worry, they might not know our particular position. Who understands if they’re just looking to entice us out with their ideas. We can’t make the cave now. Should they really explore us, they could visit the cave. Whenever we keep recklessly now, we may get caught in their trap…”
“Thank goodness the Ninth Elder is sooth and logical. Usually, we would’ve dropped within their capture.”
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Duan Ru Feng stated gravely, “If we came a few days down the road, we may struggle to see your new mother again…”
“Tian’er, I gotten a respond through your mom!” Duan Ru Feng exclaimed excitedly.
Li Rou’s gaze softened as she investigated the teenage girl she was reminded of her granddaughter, Duan Si Ling. She made an effort to comfort the adolescent woman by indicating, “Don’t be worried, Minimal Qin. You’re fresh, and also your likely is infinite. You will definitely be able to avoid once the option arises…”
“Fang Ji is an Eight Trigrams Celestial Ruler Elder Li Rou is not any match up for him… It’s simple for him to eliminate all of us!”
As well, the faces on the disciples on the Sophisticated Sect who have been about to commit suicide too paled instantly if they read Fang Ji’s words. What was the aim of committing suicide in the event the Smudge Crow Sect clearly did not intend to let them go during passing away?
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Section 3397: A Furious Duan Ru Feng
Adhering to that, the feminine disciple decisively smacked her brow, doing suicide.

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